A lovely and simple cure

I hear a lot from people:  “This homeopathy thing….  It’s a whole bunch of woo-woo.  My doctor told me I have a real disease and there’s no cure.  He tells me all that Alternative mumbo-jumbo is expensive and is just messing with my mind.  I should stick with real medicine that’s scientific and ignore all the rest.  They’re just in it for the money. I repeat, there is no cure for what you have!!!”

I’ve always wanted to be a musketeer – now’s my chance.

En garde!!!!

I’ve decided to go through the Old Literature to present you with some of the amazing, miraculous, and utterly routine cures of the the old Hahnemannian Masters.

Yup – cures for impossible illnesses in the Hahnemannian tradition.

Remember, these were the days before modern diagnostics, modern nursing, and antibiotics.  These were the days of wood stoves, outhouses, and true epidemics (where mortality from diphtheria hovered around 50-90%).  No running water, no sanitation, and no central heating.  Laura Ingalls without Michael Landon.


This abridged case of cure is from the greatest of all Hahnemannians, Dr. Adolph Lippe:

“A lady sixty-four years of age, for a long time an invalid, who had been relieved of a chronic diarrhœa by a homœopathician in Belgium… applied for assistance September 5, 1874.

She complained of great debility, caused by excessive and frequent secretions of pale urine, and by profuse leucorrhœa; the discharge came away in a gush, and when she sat for a long time, the clots would fall to the floor. She was scarcely ever able to rise from a seat, on account of very severe pain in the right groin; she was obliged to bend and draw up the right leg with her hands, and after moving it to and fro by the hands, she could rise, when having walked a few steps, the pain ceased.

One dose of [a remedy] was given on the 5th of September. On the 12th she reported improvement; the discharges were decreasing. September 15th the menstrual flow had for two days reappeared. Five years ago the same had happened; she was then very ill; was treated with “ice” applied continuously for days until the flow ceased. As she was now in other respects better, no new remedy was ordered, and the next day the flow had ceased. I have seen the patient once a week since, and the improvement has continued. Urinary secretions are now normal, there is no fluor albus [leucorrhoea], and the pain in the groin has disappeared; she can rise from a seat without pain.

November 20: Reports herself well.


Source: New England Medical Gazette 1874.


Tune in next time for another great case of cure.  I love combing through the Archives and this gives me a great chance to share my love of Hahnemannianism with you.

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