Severe Abdominal Colic vanquished!

Here’s a small story from last week I’d like to share.  It stars myself (as myself) and my daughter (as herself).  It has a happy ending.


It’s January 20.  It’s after midnight.   I am awoken by a little, tremulous voice calling out from her bedroom, “Mama, I don’t feel well”.

Of course you don’t.  Because I have a really busy day tomorrow.  Which I will have to completely reschedule at around 8am this morning.

Ahh, the joys of motherhood.

I grab my Repertory, and meet up with her in the bathroom.  She’s just finished vomiting.  The smell is overpowering.  She looks absolutely terrible.  She has tears running down her face and she says to me, “Mama, I just want to die”.  Poor little mite.

Over the next 1/2 hour or so, these are her symptoms:

  • weeping from pain
  • severe paroxysmal abdominal colic centred around the umbilicus
  • nausea experienced in the umbilicus
  • vomiting due to pain
  • pain better bending double; better hot applications
  • all symptoms temporarily relieved after vomiting/stool
  • chill during the pain

Bingo!  I give her Remedy A.  The instant it touched her tongue, she looked surprised.  “Mama!  It’s gone!”  For the next few hours I give her a fresh dose the instant she tells me the pain is starting up again.

I keep her home from school because it’s not OK foisting her upon her teacher.

Later that afternoon…

It’s exactly 5pm.  She comes into the kitchen and gives me “that look” and runs straight to the bathroom.  I give her Remedy A without asking any questions.  It doesn’t work!  The colic must have changed…

Here is the colic as she’s now experiencing it:

  • weeping from pain
  • severe paroxysmal abdominal colic centred around the umbilicus
  • nausea experienced in the umbilicus
  • vomiting due to pain
  • pain better stretching; pain radiating outwards from the umbilicus
  • “it feels like twisting”
  • spine sensitive to touch
  • all symptoms better after vomiting/stool, yet a baseline of pain remains
  • heat during the pain

You couldn’t ask for a better description of Remedy B.  In an instant, a dramatic improvement of all symptoms.  She needed several doses over the course of the evening, and slept like a log through the night.  The pain never came back.  She was back at school the next day and ALL WAS WELL!!!

Isn’t is cool that on the surface the colic looked exactly the same, but when you dug a little deeper, it was completely different?  That’s why she needed two different medicines: she had two different colics!

I think it’s mind-blowing that a 7 year-old child can describe her acute colic with such incredible accuracy.  Of course there were objective symptoms, but it was the twisting character of the pain that made this prescription an absolute no-brainer.

THAT IS SCIENCE!!!  Observability + Reproducibility + Predictability + Testability

Just in case your’e wondering, “Well, it couldn’t have been a severe colic.  She would have gotten better on her own,”  I’ll give you a typical published case of the terrible power of Remedy B:


It must be fully a year ago that I was called in to see a case of abdominal colic. The impression that the patient created on my mind will, I am afraid, never, be effaced till death brings oblivion. He was writhing in excruciating agony. The pains were neuralgic and paroxysmal. He felt as if his entrails were clutched by a powerful hand and twisted mercilessly. The intensity would increase with every second of pain till at last it seemed almost to tear asunder his string of existence, then all on a sudden, the remission would come bringing with it a few minutes of ease and quiet. This pain would begin in the region of the bowels and thence radiate upward and downward until his whole body would be involved eliciting shrill cries from him. A few doses of [Remedy B] soothed it like oil on the surface of troubled water. Such then is the power and efficacy of [Remedy B] in colic. Choudhuri, NM. A study on Materia Medica. 1929


Pure Homeopathy scores another victory against the badness of the world.  As an added bonus, I’ve been able to sleep uninterrupted since then.  So has my daughter.


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