How Homeopathy is like a Dog

Caught your attention, did I? Yes, Homeopathy is very similar to dogs (or cats, for that matter). There are many different kinds of dogs: dogs that bark, dogs that bite, 3-legged dogs, and lap-dogs. There are dogs that fit into purses, and there are dogs who eat dogs that fit into purses. In fact, when …Read More


What is 18/6? It is the easiest, cheapest, and most effective thing you can do to improve drastically your over-all health, prevent cancer, diabetes, stroke, and your boost immunity to infectious diseases. Simply put, you restrict your eating to a 6 hour period a day and fast for the next 18 hours. 18/6 is not …Read More

8 Major Differences between Conventional Medicine and Pure Homeopathy

I get asked this question a lot: what makes Pure Homeopathy different from Conventional Medicine? In the FAQs I explained the difference rather graphically. Here’s a more comprehensive comparison. I admit, I modified this list from B.K. Sarkar’s “Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine” (Birla Publications). I think it summarizes things quite nicely. I Conventional Medicine generalises …Read More

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