Cochrane vs. Gøtzsche

On September 14, 2018, the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration announced that it had expelled Dr. Peter Gøtzsche, director of Cochrane’s Nordic Center and a member of the governing board. In protest, four other elected members of the board resigned, and subsequent to this, the board asked two appointed members to step down in order to maintain …Read More

Homeopathy – What is it, anyway?

Do you want to learn more about this “Homeopathy” thing? You’ve likely heard about this “thing” called Homeopathy.  Some people swear by it.  Some people spit at it.  Some people say it’s a vigorous and effective system of healing.  Some people say it’s fraudulent pseudo-science and that you’re endangering yourself and others by using it. …Read More

The Evolution of Viruses

In recent years, I [Pam Popper] have become an outspoken opponent to the current approach to vaccines in the U.S. To be clear, I’m not anti-vaccine, but rather pro-evidence. And my biggest issue is not that there is no possibility for some vaccines to have some positive effects in some populations, but rather that the …Read More