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Vaginismus 0 : Homeopathy 2

What new, improbable, and impossible cures do you have to share with us today, Elisabeth? Well, I humbly present (OK – not so humbly) two abridged cases of vaginismus cured by Master Hahnemannian gynecologist, Thomas Skinner. Vaginismus is still largely incurable today, but thankfully not untreatable. Current treatments are no walk-in-the-park and their efficacy are …Read More

A lovely and simple cure

I hear a lot from people:  “This homeopathy thing….  It’s a whole bunch of woo-woo.  My doctor told me I have a real disease and there’s no cure.  He tells me all that Alternative mumbo-jumbo is expensive and is just messing with my mind.  I should stick with real medicine that’s scientific and ignore all …Read More