Tracy’s severe concussion

A year ago I experienced a severe concussion, slipping on ice while getting into a vehicle and struck my head on the frame as I fell.  A CT scan determined there was no bleeding in my brain, and I began what would be a lengthy and often frustrating recovery.  I involved Elisabeth in this process, remembering how she had suggested I consider a homeopathic remedy while I recovered from abdominal surgery few years earlier.  I knew nothing of homeopathy back then, but I was amazed at how rapidly my discomfort began to resolve. I felt homeopathy could benefit me in recovering from this head injury.

My post-concussion symptoms were physically and emotionally exhausting.  It was a struggle to deal with the loss of mental acuity, impaired memory, and decreased tolerance to stimulus.  Noise was unbearable, light bothered me, and trying to manage daily tasks overwhelmed my recovering brain’s ability to process.  The headache was relentless.  I was off work for several weeks, unable to sustain the critical thinking and decision making skills needed for my job.  Physical activity would quickly translate into mental exhaustion and I struggled to follow conversations and find the right words to express myself.  My balance and sense of motion were dramatically disrupted and for weeks I would veer off to one side when I walked, frequently falling if I bent down or changed direction too quickly.  I often swayed when attempting to stand motionless, and the feeling of swaying or rotating was incessant, leaving me nauseous, dizzy and exhausted.

Elisabeth took careful inventory of my history and symptoms and administered an initial homeopathic remedy that fit what I was experiencing.  She was incredibly thorough, and ensured she understood the onset, intensity and impact of my symptoms.  This was only the start of an ongoing process.

Recovery came in stages, involving time and several health professionals in addition to homeopathy.  I was under the care of a physician, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor, and later on a personal trainer specializing in injury and medical dysfunction management.  Elisabeth was integral in supporting my recovery throughout every stage of healing as I worked to manage my symptoms and resume function.  I provided her with frequent updates and kept her informed of the other treatments I was undergoing.  We met regularly to ensure she understood the nuances of my symptoms, changing or adjusting remedies as needed.  Elisabeth’s pro-active approach, skill, and intuition allowed emerging symptoms to be treated as I healed.  I remember being intrigued by the specificity of some of her questions as she pieced together the whole picture, seeking clarification in details that seemed irrelevant to me.  I learned to trust the process and I improved.  I discussed my homeopathic treatment with my physiotherapist, who inquired about Elisabeth’s training.  She immediately recognized André Saine’s name and stated outright that Elisabeth was trained by a Master in the field.  She also encouraged me to continue including homeopathic support in my treatment.

A year later I can look back and marvel at what an incredible impact a brain injury can have on one’s life.  I am incredibly grateful for Elisabeth and for the essential role she played in my recovery.