Pure Homeopathy is a complete system of healing developed in Germany over 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann. Its highest ideal is to restore the sick to health in the most rapid, gentle, and efficient way possible.

Pure Homeopathy requires the direct comparison between 1) the subjective and objective symptoms of the patient, and 2) confirmed symptoms of our clinical literature. The most similar medicine is chosen. All theory, speculation, or bias is strictly forbidden.

Imagine disease as a runaway train. Homeopathy sends an almost identical train in the same direction to overtake it and rein it in to a stop (Law of Similars). Conventional medicine sends a more powerful train in the opposite direction to stop it head on.

Another way of looking at it is like this:  imagine that your body is a radio and you are stuck listening to the Disease Channel.

Conventional Medicine acknowledges the Disease and then blames the radio.  First, they turn the mute on.  Then they rip the radio apart, change this, tweak that, put in various parts scrounged from other sundry appliances, and oil parts that don’t need oiling.  Before long, the radio is a wreck.  It is on 3 or 4 Disease channels all at the same time, the mute button doesn’t work anymore, and it is barely being held together with duct tape.  “See?” the doctors say, “Your Disease is incurable.  The radio was defective from the very beginning.  It must be fundamentally flawed and needs to be redesigned.”

But consider this:  There is no voice in the radio.  There isn’t a little person sitting inside the radio talking to you.  There isn’t someone inside the radio, gleefully pushing buttons to make you miserable.  The “voice in the radio” is a transmission.  A radio broadcasts information.  It doesn’t create content.  You can investigate the minutiae of the radio for 1000 years and not find what you’re looking for.  You’re looking in the wrong place.  There is no voice in the radio.

It is my responsibility to tune the radio to the Healing Channel.  Provided the radio still works reasonably well, one day you’ll be able to listen to the Radio Station you want, when you want, where you want, at the volume you want (Cure).

Some current theories include nanotechnology and UMPs, and some incorporate Fields.

The truth?  Nobody knows.  However,  just because we don’t understand how homeopathy works doesn’t mean we can’t use it to help people. Physicists don’t have the slightest clue what gravity is (and probably never will), but that didn’t stop Ancient Romans from building aqueducts.

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are registered physicians in the Province of Alberta. They are trained in clinical nutrition, counseling, herbal medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and physical medicine. Their healing philosophy is founded on detoxification, supplementation, and hygiene. Some NDs specialize in homeopathy.

Homeopaths are not certified physicians in the Province of Alberta. Homeopathic training and clinical rigour varies widely from individual to individual.  Caveat emptor!!!

There is no mandatory regulatory board defining the profession. Anybody who dispenses homeopathic remedies can start a practice and call themselves a homeopath.

I practice Pure Homeopathy, which is the system of healing defined by Samuel Hahnemann and maintained by a small and dedicated group of individuals called Hahnemannians.

Pure Homeopathy requires the direct comparison between 1) the subjective and objective symptoms of the patient, and 2) confirmed symptoms of our clinical literature. The most similar medicine is chosen. All theory, speculation, or bias is strictly forbidden.

Please read my article “How is Homeopathy like a Dog” in the Articles section for more information.

When homeopathy is practiced to its highest standards, it is the treatment of choice because it directly targets the fundamental cause of disease -your unique susceptibility to be sick. While under homeopathic treatment you can expect their level of health to improve, as long as the body’s ability to heal is still intact.

Actually, they do. In many European countries, homeopathy is recognized as official medicine, is covered by healthcare, and is taught in medical schools. In Germany, approximately 32,000 physicians (MDs) practice homeopathy. In 2009, the Swiss government held a referendum in which 2/3 of the public voted to include Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine in their National Health Care program. India has the largest homeopathic infrastructure in the world with roughly 100 million people relying on it exclusively for all their healthcare needs.

I work with people who suffer from serious illness who are at the end of their rope and need a soft place to fall.

I work with people who feel abandoned by Conventional Medicine.  My patients are fed up with doctors not listening to them, fed up with the never-ending 7 minute appointments, and fed up with tests that don’t mean anything.

Patients come to me because I love listening to their stories.  They come to me because I treat them with dignity and respect (served with a health dose of jocularity, of course).  They keep coming to me because they realize they are becoming the miracle they always knew they were.


I am a Fellowship Candidate from the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy located in Montréal, Canada.  The Academy is headed by world-renown homeopath Dr. André Saine, a passionate scholar and master practitioner of Hahnemannianism.  The Academy advocates the strictest and most rigorous adherence to Genuine Homeopathy of any institution in the world.  Their website contains a wealth of information about Dr. Saine, the Academy, the Materia Medica Project, and the extraordinary accomplishments of this magnificent system of healing.  Please go to www.homeopathy.ca for details.

Normally, the Academy only allows board-certified physicians, nurses, and other health-care professionals into their program but they made a rare exception in my case.  I am currently filling my medical-training void by taking Physiology and Neurosciences courses at the University of Alberta.  I also have the privilege of job-shadowing a neurologist who specializes in MS and epilepsy here in Edmonton.


Absolutely not. In fact, the exact opposite. I am neither trained nor qualified to offer you the services MDs provide. IT IS VITAL THAT YOU DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MEDICATIONS UNTIL YOU’VE DISCUSSED THE MATTER WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN. Fortunately, homeopathic remedies won’t interfere with your conventional meds, so you don’t have to worry about drug interactions or unwanted side effects.

Absolutely! Your body is designed to be healthy – it’s just forgotten how.

I always meet potential patients in person before agreeing to work with them.  That way, you can decide if this is something you can commit to, and decide if we’ll work well together.  I never charge a fee for the Initial Interview.

We’ll meet at a coffee shop somewhere pleasant and convenient for us both.  You’ll have the opportunity to tell me the story about how you got to where you are now.  You’ll also decide what cure means to you. This step is vital in your healing process – if you don’t have a clear idea what cure means to you, you won’t be able to identify it once you’re there.

Your second appointment is when your case is taken.  Case taking is a very thorough and meticulous process and requires approximately four hours for both adults and children (often longer).

I strongly encourage patients to consider booking two 2+ hour appointments (in the same week) rather that one 4-hour initial Case Taking. Two separate appointments are much more pleasant and much less taxing on both of us than one very long one.

I will ask you to describe your illness exactly as you experience it. I will ask questions about your past medical history, sensitivities, energy, sleep, appetite, digestion, and a myriad of other things that you may have never considered as relevant before.

During this time I will write down your symptoms exactly in your own words, without interpretation or bias. I will interrupt only for clarity. The initial appointment ends with a brief physical examination. You will then be free to ask any questions you might have.

Once you’ve left the office, I will analyze your case. I usually put in an additional 2+ hours of study time, but difficult cases simply require more time. You will be given your protocol 7 – 10 days later.

The first few Follow-ups are generally 1+ hour long.  During that time, two things are happening:  1) I am investigating how you’re reacting to your treatment and, 2) teaching you what I need to know to help you get better.

Once you understand the kind of information I’m looking for, you’ll be able to fill out the Follow-up sheet with so much detail that subsequent appointments can be shorter. Most last 1/2 hour and can be conducted on the phone, so you won’t have to take time off work.

Depending on your case, Follow-ups can be spaced minutes apart (in a serious acute) or weeks (in stable chronic disease) – it’s completely individualized to your specific needs.

First, I am a person of high integrity and treat others with respect. The extra time I spend on your case is highly focused and efficient.
Second, my practice only grows if clients trust me. It is in my highest interest to help as many people heal as quickly and gently as possible.


You can contact me by phone at (587) 409-5189 or e-mail me at elisabeth@purehomeopathy.me.  We’ll set up a time and place to meet in person.  Feel free to ask any questions you might have – we will cover a lot of information when we meet over coffee (or tea). We will decide at that time whether or not I can help you and if we’ll make a good team.