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Incurable diseases

Treating people with incurable diseases is my particular passion and joy. When was the last time you heard of a someone suffering from a "curable disease"?

The homeopathic literature is bursting with documented cured cases of patients who suffered from incurable illnesses who were told there was nothing more that could be done for them. Don't kid yourself: cure is not possible for some people. That does not mean that cure is impossible for everyone else.


Technically, autoimmunity falls under the category of Incurable Diseases. 1 of 5 Canadians suffer from Autoimmunity, and many of these individuals have more than one autoimmune disease.
I offer an Introductory Workshop focused specifically on the Treatment of the Patient with Autoimmune Diseases. It includes evidence-based information about the critical role of nutrition and lifestyle in supporting your healing process, as well as actual case studies of real people who have recovered their health fully from these debilitating and terminal illnesses.

Concussions & Injuries

Homeopathy offers excellent treatment for acute concussions and other injuries. Correct treatment can drastically hasten recovery time, reduce swelling and pain, and is very effective with treating their long-term consequences.

Headaches / Migranes

Homeopathy treats your tendency to develop headaches rather than masking them with painkillers. Ideally, your headaches will lessen in severity, duration, and frequency until they disappear. How do I know this? From personal experience, that's how. Headaches are now a thing of the past - in fact, I'm surprised when I get one now.

Pure Homeopathy Rates

$150 / hour

I bill according to time, which begins when I open your file and stops the moment I close it. This includes private study time. Cancelled appointments with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the projected cost of that appointment.

I do not prescribe or sell supplements. There are no additional fees other the time I spend working on your case.


Follow Up and Acute Condition forms speed up your consultation time considerably. Please fill out the above forms with as much detail as possible before we speak with each other.