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For most of my life I suffered from debilitating headaches. For 25 years, I didn’t know what it was like not to have constant pain and nausea. I also have a very strong genetic predisposition to neurological issues. Today, I rarely have headaches and am the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been.

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Too Many Pills?

No one has to tell you about the side effects of the drugs you’re already taking.  No one needs to ask if they’re sometimes worse than the disease itself. Homeopathic treatment has one important side effect your other drugs don’t – Healing.

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We make choices every day: some good, some bad, some inspired, some indifferent.  Sometimes we make the choices we do because we can’t imagine there’s a different option.  You can choose to be different – you can choose to heal.

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My name is Elisabeth Scholtz.  My practice is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

My practice is founded on this simple philosophy: I can do things you cannot;  you can do things I cannot; together we can achieve miracles.

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Holy Crap!  Good news about a shitty problem.

Holy Crap! Good news about a shitty problem.

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