I had suffered from ulcerative colitis for 10 years and had developed a cancerous tumour in my colon in 2015. After surgery, chemotherapy and a second surgery to remove an ileostomy, I needed to find a path to health.

My wife and I were made aware of Pure Homeopathy through mutual acquaintances at our son’s school.

At many stages in my return to a new normal, Elisabeth helped to overcome obstacles. There have been times of physical pain, extreme discomfort, as well as illnesses such as a bad flu or cold. For each of these obstacles, Elisabeth offered simple advice and remedies, which helped pull me through and maintain better health.

Also, thanks to the rigorous interview process at the beginning of treatment, I was able to realize that my health problems were directly related to lifestyle choices and situations that I was undergoing.

The one-on-one and the personal relationship is such a big piece. When remedies are suggested by Elisabeth, I know this advice is coming from a deeply personal knowledge of my life, my family, my job and my health situation at the moment.

From everything I’ve read about homeopathy, good and bad, I can definitely say that my experience with Pure Homeopathy has exceeded any expectations I had when I first became involved.