There are so many reasons that I am grateful to have found Elisabeth Scholtz and her Pure Homeopathy clinic.

1) The philosophical framework of pure homeopathy matches what I already believed to be true about Life.
2) It’s wonderful to no longer take oodles of supplements and follow tedious, complicated diets.
3) It’s relieving to no longer be suppressing my immune system in order to try to feel well.
4) It’s refreshing and a homecoming to have the encouragement (and requirement) to listen to my body (for real) as the spine of my healing process.
5) It’s wonderful to be genuinely coming back to a state of well being after decades of compromised health, particularly via my experience of the auto-immune digestive disease called ulcerative colitis.
6) Elisabeth is so. damn. smart.  She is a delight to work with.
Kel’ Wil’ (aka Kellita)