Articles: Homeopathy 101

Vaginismus 0 : Homeopathy 2

What new, improbable, and impossible cures do you have to share with us today, Elisabeth? Well, I humbly present (OK – not so humbly) two abridged cases of vaginismus cured by Master Hahnemannian gynecologist, Thomas Skinner. Vaginismus is still largely incurable today, but thankfully not untreatable. Current treatments are no walk-in-the-park and their efficacy are …Read More

How Homeopathy is like a Dog

Caught your attention, did I? Yes, Homeopathy is very similar to dogs (or cats, for that matter). There are many different kinds of dogs: dogs that bark, dogs that bite, 3-legged dogs, and lap-dogs. There are dogs that fit into purses, and there are dogs who eat dogs that fit into purses. In fact, when …Read More